Trying to identify the right talent can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Easily predict future performance fairly with our new Insight assessment. This assessment focuses on behavioral tendencies linked to successful performance in the workplace. Learn more about how using this assessment can enhance fairness and predict future performance in this article.

Will they work hard? Can they operate as a part of a team? Do they perform well under pressure? 

These might be some of the questions recruiters find themselves asking about candidates as they look to make hiring decisions. While a candidate’s skills and experiences are important, these are only a part of the picture. Their behavioral styles, tendencies, and preferences are as unique as they are and impact important outcomes like job performance and turnover. The combination of these behavioral aspects, which is universally referred to as personality, can predict how successful a candidate will be and how well they’ll fit with your organization. For this reason, SkillCheck, part of Symphony Talent, is excited to introduce Insight, our broad-based, generalizable personality solution.

The personality dimensions measured by Insight are based on the five factor model (FFM) of personality and the wealth of associated research accumulated over the past half century. Thirteen dimensions are measured, 10 aligning with the FFM, and three additional dimensions focused on leadership-aligned styles. These 13 dimensions combine to form a holistic view of what we believe to be the most important traits for predicting and understanding future workplace behaviors and performance. The Insight framework allows organizations to configure behavioral profiles (i.e., subsets of Insight dimensions) to zero-in on important dimensions that can align with jobs (e.g., customer service representatives, front-line managers) and even value frameworks or competency models. All this while administering a consistent, standard tool across all configurations allowing for quick and easy implementation that is tailored to each organization.

The goal of any selection tool is to predict performance and maximize the fairness of the process. To ensure all assessments are fair, we work to create innovative solutions that focus on merit and even the playing field for all candidates. One way we do this is through our new Insight assessment, an innovative approach to measuring personality.

Why measure personality?
Personality assessments are a great tool for any organization to have in its selection toolbox. They simply and easily measure potential candidates’ workplace behavioral tendencies that are predictive of performance. They also minimize adverse impact while maintaining predictive power. Essentially, personality assessments provide a positive fairness and predictability value-add to any assessment battery.

Fairness Value-Add
The next question you may be asking is what is the fairness value-add of personality? How is a personality assessment different from other assessments? Historically, cognitive ability assessments have been the main predictor of performance; however, they have a history of causing adverse impact. Meaning, they differentially select some demographic groups compared to others. Much of this issue is due to test contamination and other psychometric issues. In opposition, personality assessments typically have no adverse impact. Our Insight assessment has no differential relationship between people of different demographics. This means that organizations can easily predict future performance without having concerns about the adverse impact.

In sum, leveraging our Insight assessment allows you to get a fuller view of a candidate’s performance while also minimizing adverse impact. Adding this to your assessment battery adds value on both of these fronts. Easily implement this with skills or cognitive assessments to achieve a holistic view of a candidate’s potential.